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Client Stories

Meet Tim.

Tim was homeless for many years and would come to the PathForward Day Program on occasion. Like many others experiencing homelessness, he was not able to receive the medical care he required. When Tim entered the HSC he connected with the medical team at PathForward, and there he received the attention he needed desperately. Unfortunately, due to serious complications from a simple sprain, he had to undergo an amputation of his right leg.

PathForward’s medical team and his case worker worked together to get Tim the care he needed in order to help him move to a place of healing. They also helped him to reconnect with his family, allowing him to really engage in the healing process and also get a new prosthetic leg. Tim shares that he is grateful and feels lucky that he found “angels” that looked out for him and helped him to get a new lease on life.

Meet Gloria.

No one ever chooses to be homeless. And with just a turn of events, any one of us can find ourselves in this frightening predicament. Gloria never imagined it would happen to her. Gloria was sharing a home with her fiancé when he suddenly passed away. She moved into an apartment with a roommate but became ill and needed a routine gallbladder removal surgery. Due to complications, Gloria fell into a coma. When she awoke, her world had changed. Gloria moved into her mother’s home to recover, and within days, her mother passed away. Gloria had nowhere to turn, was overwhelmed with medical bills, and was currently unemployed due to her health issues. 

She found herself homeless. Gloria stayed at the Homeless Services Center for months and then COVID-19 turned everyone’s worlds upside down. The uncertainty and fear was overwhelming, though Gloria’s fragile health put her at grave risk should she get COVID. Gloria’s case manager and the medical team worked closely together to get her into her own apartment home. Because of their quick actions, Gloria was able to remain free of COVID and able to go for her weekly medical treatments. Gloria is safe and healthy at home due to the support she found at PathForward.

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